About Michael Ferguson Appraisals

After 15 years selling new and used broadcast and television equipment, Michael Ferguson — President of System Associates LLC, was asked to do an equipment appraisal. The job was for a company he had done business with. that’s how Michael Ferguson Appraisals was born.

The owners of the company knew Michael was in a unique position to understand the values of their property. After that first appraisal, an auction company requested his opinion of the costs of some broadcasting and television property that was going to auction; and the company was impressed with his expertise.

Ferguson was then approached to do an appraisal for a law firm. At that point, he used his extensive experience to increase the quality of the appraisal reports to the highest standards in the business and became a certified appraiser adding appraisals as a natural extension to his services.

Michael Ferguson Appraisals reports are adhere to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice. The reports also follow the Standards and Practices of the Certified Appraisers Guild of America which has review authority of Ferguson’s appraisal reports.

Michael Ferguson Appraisals has preformed appraisals for a variety of clients, for a range of equipment, and for a variety of purposes. His estimates provide confidential, accurate, and unbiased information for individuals, CPAs, and property tax professionals. Many use equipment appraisal for charitable donations or gifts. Those wishing to donate equipment will need the Non-cash Charitable Contributions Government form 8382 for tax deduction purposes. After completing the appraisal, he can legally sign the IRS declaration.

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